В каком году человечество научится лечить рак?

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Davos: Mosca tra il Bric e Skolkovo


E per mettere un punto fermo su tale questione ha detto che d’ora in poi si far`a del tutto per rendere possibile l’applicazione delle leggi dell’UE in Russia. SKOLKOVO. Altro punto sul quale il Cremlino di Medvedev insiste particolarmente riguarda gli investimenti stranieri. E qui il riferimento `e al progetto “Skolkovo”, cio`e a quel centro scientifico tecnologico, alle porte di Mosca, costituito per portare le innovazioni sui binari seguiti in tutto il mondo.

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Nokia Siemens Networks Supports Russia Foundation


The non-profit Skolkovo Foundation was founded to provide socially useful results in the development of innovations. Written on Thursday, 27 January 2011 18:32 by posted on Thursday, 27 January 2011 18:33 A new report concluded that despite widespread adoption of cloud computing, many businesses are still posted on Thursday, 27 January 2011 18:32 Mobile Active Defense Honored by Frost & Sullivan posted on Thursday, 27 January 2011 16:41 Mobile Active Defense, (M.A.D.

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Skolkovo: Russia's Emerging Silicon Valley


Twenty years after its collapse, the lingering legacies of the Soviet Union continue to prevent Russia from re-emerging as the superpower it once was. Its latest initiative, Skolkovo, has the potential to be the solution the country has longed for since the days of perestroika. It is Russia's first real attempt to transition from the Industrial Age of the twentieth century to the Digital Age of the twenty-first.

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Schwarzenegger tweet to Medvedev: Let's go skiing


His friendship with Medvedev was evident when the Russian president gave him a ride from his country residence to Skolkovo in a vintage Soviet limousine, a cream colored Chaika designed in the 1950s. After seven years as governor, Schwarzenegger, is now considering what to do next.

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The Khodorkovsky trial and its underlying tolerance


And another billionaire, Viktor Vekselberg, has been charged with constructing Skolkovo, which the Kremlin dreams will be its version of Silicon Valley. To judge the longevity of Kremlin capitalism, watch his efforts.

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Russia: Talking Modernizing, Prioritizing Energy


The evidence points to the fact that remaining the world’s most important oil producer is a greater priority than, e.g. domestic projects like Skolkovo, for both domestic and geo-political reasons. The debate over how this may be achieved will likely dictate investor’s approach to the sector, and the debate over government fiscal priorities, later this year and post election.

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Bringing It All Back Home


The group has its work cut out for it if the views of 2010 Nobel Physics Prize laureates Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov are at all representative. Both have rejected offers to participate in the Skolkovo innovation project. Geim told that Russia has neither the facilities nor the conditions to promote cutting-edge physics, and that it has unacceptable levels of bureaucracy, corruption, and idiocy.

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Anna Chapman: Russia's It girl has had a busy 2010


The underwear, inevitably, was by Agent Provocateur. Took part in a meeting of President Medvedev's commission on economic modernisation and technological development of the Russian economy, at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre outside Moscow. Launched an iPhone app called "Poker with Anna Chapman," challenging players to play poker with a virtual version of herself for 99 cents (59p).

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Top 10 developments that impacted the world in 2010


In midsummer Russian President Dmitry Medvedev flew to California to drum up support for his country s attempt to build an entrepreneurial enclave just outside Moscow, as it was reported by media at that time. Still, the project of building a Russian version of Silicon Valley called the Skolkovo innovation city started four months earlier. I want to see how things work on Silicon Valley.

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